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This site has been lovingly created for those who are trying to get pregnant.  The emphasis is based on the FAM method, which is charting your basal body temperature, cervical fluid and cervical position to assist you in pregnancy achievement.  We have included valuable, easy to understand information that will teach you how to chart your temps, spot your most fertile time, identify ovulation and help you recognize early pregnancy symptoms.  Welcome!

The Charting BBT Method

WebWomb BBT Chart

graph.gif (452 bytes)

Webwomb has designed a 
basal body temperature chart 
in a unique way.  Our chart 
shows at a glance when you 
are most fertile. 
Price: $9.99

Home Pregnancy Tests

Think you might be pregnant?  Test early!  Test 
Now!  Our home pregnancy tests are one of the 
most sensitive tests available today and detect pregnancy as low as 10 - 15mIU/ml hCG.  Our 
early pregnancy tests can be used as early as 
6 days from the moment of conception.  Order 
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At Home Male Fertility Test

Having difficulties getting pregnant?  This exciting
new product tests sperm concentration levels for
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Bulletin Boards & Chat Room

Want to meet others who are using the charting method?  WebWomb's Community includes a
Bulletin Board and & Chat Room.  A great
opportunity to ask questions, get advice and meet others who are trying to conceive.

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Charting is a pregnancy achievement technique
that uses waking body temperature, cervical fluid and cervical position to pinpoint the most fertile times during a woman's monthly cycle.  Having
intercourse during these peak days greatly
enhances chances for pregnancy.

Charting can also be used to show early signs of pregnancy, alert one of hormonal imbalance and even indicate a possible miscarriage

Within the pages of this site you will learn how to chart your basal body temperature, cervical fluid
and cervical position.  You will also become
more aware of how your body functions and have
a better understanding of just how a pregnancy is achieved.

Fertility Herbs

Get your body ready and increase your chances for pregnancy conception. 
Both Female Fertility an Male Fertility
Herbs and products available. 

Fertility Books

Trying to conceive?  WebWomb provides a multitude of books and videos regarding fertility,infertility & pregnancy issues.  Click Here for additional information.


Our Mission

To give crucial information and provide a service
to women during their quest for pregnancy achievement.  We understand the enormous
desire for conception and have made it our
mission to getting YOU pregnant in the...