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Contact Us Hot Find was selected as a HOT FIND site from - we are honored at the recognition and will wear the award with pride. is a physician-reviewed world-wide web site dedicated solely to Women's Health issues. It is for both Medical Professionals and patients
alike.   Some of the Women's Health topics of the site include:   Infertility, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Surgery, Pregnancy/Childbirth, New Moms, Hormone Replacement Therapy, contraception, Hysterectomy, Pediatric Gynecology and Miscarriage. is very selective as to who receives this award and we are very honored to be featured on their site.   

abcaward3.gif (2858 bytes) was notified by the editors at the ABC's of Parenting web site that we have won their 3 Star Site Award!  They stated that because has such valuable information for families or parents-to-be that they have included us within their directory and rated as a top infertility/fertility web site.  We thank the ABC's of Parenting for this award and are proud to post it on our site. 

bestsite.gif (2142 bytes) is thrilled to announce that it has won the "BEST SITE" award from FPUG (FrontPage Users Group).  FPUG is a site for web designers using the Microsoft FrontPage application and selects their "BEST SITE" winners on design, content and creativity.  We thank FPUG for this prestigious award and are proud to include the FPUG winners logo on our web site.