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Charting your basal body temperatures, cervical fluid and position while trying to conceive will give you an enormous amount of information regarding your own cycle and fertility.  One of the most important elements in Charting is to identify the days during your cycle that you are most fertile and have intercourse on those days to increase your chances of conception.  
Confused about the charting method? can help!  We have designed a spreadsheet charting method that is easy to log, very thorough and collects your abbreviated data in a way that shows you at a glance exactly when you are most fertile during your cycle.   Having intercourse on the days you see the abbreviations for your indicators as
S-E-X-N-O-W gives a very clear indication of exactly when your peak time is and having intercourse on those days will greatly increase your chances for conception.  Whether you are new to charting and need some guidance or are experienced in this method and looking for a better bbt spreadsheet, the "SEX NOW" Basal Body Temperature Chart is a must have! 
The "SEX NOW" Basal Body Temperature Chart includes 10 BBT Spreadsheets, an instruction booklet and sample charts giving examples and highlighting the following topics:

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Web Womb's BBT Chart Kit


  • Fertile Time During A Cycle
  • When Ovulation Occurs
  • Luteal Phase Frame
  • Triphasic Phase Frame
  • How To Spot Pregnancy
  • When To Draw A Coverline
  • Ovulation Delay
  • Fall Back Rise Temps
  • Non Ovulatory Cycle
  • Possible Early Miscarriage
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