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How To Check Your Cervical Position
Begin checking your cervical position after you have completed your menstrual cycle.  When checking your cervical fluid or position - insure that your hands are clean and fingernails are not rough.    

There are a few positions that you can be in to check your cervical position.  It will depend on what you feel the most comfortable with.  Which ever position you choose should remain consistent throughout the length of your cycle.  Some women prefer and have no problem checking while sitting on the toilet - other women find it difficult to locate their cervix in this position during fertile time and may need to either squat down on the floor with knees bent and open or putting one foot upon the bathtub or toilet seat.

With one hand holding back the vaginal lips insert the other hands middle finger into your vagina.  Move your finger up until you hit your cervix.  It should feel like a rounded cylinder shaped mass within your body.

The position of your cervix will vary within your cycle.  It will be low in the first phase and start to rise closer to ovulation and then will lower again after ovulation has occurred.  When checking for the first time and are unsure what low or high should feel like,  when high your cervix is almost unreachable with you fingertip. 

Once charting and have gone the changes your cervical position takes on - you will have a better understanding of what a low, mid and high cervical position is.

Confused about the charting we can help! has designed a spreadsheet charting method that is easy to log, very thorough and collects your abbreviated data in a way that shows you at a glance exactly when you are most fertile during your cycle.   Having intercourse on the days you see the abbreviations for your indicators as S-E-X-N-O-W gives a very clear indication of exactly when your peak time is and having intercourse on those days will greatly increase your chances for conception.  Whether you are new to charting and need some guidance or are experienced in this method and looking for a better bbt spreadsheet, the WebWombcom "SEX NOW" Basal Body Temperature Chart is a must have!  The "SEX NOW" Basal Body Temperature Chart includes 12 BBT Spreadsheets, an instruction booklet and sample charts giving examples and highlighting the following topics:
  • Fertile Time During A Cycle
  • When Ovulation Occurs
  • Luteal Phase Frame
  • Triphasic Phase Frame
  • How To Spot Pregnancy
  • When To Draw A Coverline
  • Ovulation Delay
  • Fall Back Rise Temps
  • Anovulatory Cycle
  • Possible Early Miscarriage

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