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Checking Your Cervical Fluid Internally
Checking your cervical fluid gives you essential information as to your fertile and peak times during your monthly cycle.  Start checking your cervical fluid on the first day after your menstrual period and check it multiple times during the day.  Also be aware of the overall vaginal sensation (wet or dry) you have had throughout the day without physically checking.

Start with clean hands.  You are checking a very sensitive part of your body and do not want to risk the chance of infection. 

Take notice of any fluid stains on your underwear.   When you are extremely fertile the cervical fluid is abundant and has a high content of water and will leave a fluid stain in the form a circle.  Less abundant non fertile fluid is dryer and tends to form lines that are in more of a rectangular shape.

Do a few kegel exercises (squeezing and releasing the vaginal muscles - the same muscles you would use if you were to stop the flow of urination) this will get the fluid flowing from the cervix.


Separate your vaginal lips with one hand and with the other hand slip you middle finger inside the vagina and locate your cervix.  We give more detail on the position and its opening of the cervix and how it will change in shape and in feel in the Cervical Position page.  Press your finger against the sides of the cervix applying a small amount of pressure (do not apply pressure to the point of pain and make sure your nails are not rough and that they are clean) do this three or for times around the cervix and at its opening.  Slowly draw your finger out of the vagina to inspect the fluid.

Rub your middle finger and thumb together and make a mental note on how it feels.  Does the fluid feel dry or wet?  Is it abundant or stark?  Is it thick or thin?  Does it feel sticky or creamy?  Does it feel slippery like eggwhites?  Pull apart you middle finger and thumb, does the fluid make little peaks?  Does it Stretch?  Does it gum up or crumble?  Does the fluid remain on your fingers or is it so thin that it falls from your fingertips?  What color is it?  Clear, white or yellow?  Does the fluid dry up on your fingertips quickly?


Make sure not to confuse semen with cervical fluid.  They look and feel very similar.   Semen will dry up very quickly upon your fingertips and is more rubbery is consistency.  It may also tend to be foamy.  Semen is little more white in color rather than clear like eggwhite fluid.  To help you identify the difference, when urinating eggwhite cervical fluid will often hit the water and form into a ball while it sinks to the bottom . 

Arousal fluid has also been confused with cervical fluid.  Again, they look and feel very similar.  Arousal fluid like semen will dry up quickly upon your fingertips and is water soluble.  If confused as to what fluid is what, take the fluid from your fingertips and dip it into a glass of water.  If its is cervical fluid it will form a ball and sink to the bottom, if its arousal fluid it will dissolve.

We realize this sounds like a great deal of information to take in and may seem like you are going to spend a lifetime in the bathroom!  Don't get discouraged!  Once you have done it a few times you will find that checking your cervical fluid is very easy and just takes an extra few seconds.  Remember, the information you will gain is a key tool in conceiving that precious and much longed for baby.