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How Pregnancy Is Detected

When a women becomes pregnant her body starts to produce a hormone called HcG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) this hormone is what is detected in both urine and blood based tests to give a positive pregnancy result.  This page gives an average range of HcG levels found in   pregnant women at 10 - 22 days past ovulation.  We have also provided at what level the hormone can be detected in some of the more popular HPT's (Home Pregnancy Tests).  

HcG Levels
HcG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that is produ ced by the embryo when its starts to implant itself into the uterine lining (implantation) and begins to grow.  This occurs approximately  6-10 days after conception.  As it grows, the amount of HcG increases and doubles about every three days.  The purpose of HcG is to keep the estrogen and progesterone levels at their appropriate levels until the placenta has developed enough to take this function over.  HcG levels will reach as high as almost 300,000 mIU/ml (level) and will peak out at  10 - 12 weeks. 

Average Range of HcG Levels
Pregnant women will vary in levels of HcG within their body at different times.  But HcG levels once beginning to build should not fall.  A dramatic decline in HcG levels indicates that a miscarriage is taking place.  The chart below gives an average range of mIU/ml of HcG in pregnant women from days 10 - 22 past ovulation (DPO).  Please note that in multi births HcG levels are much higher. 

10 DPO:   

  10 - 50   mIU/ml HcG

13 DPO:  

  20 - 100 mIU/ml HcG

16 DPO:   

  40 - 200 mIU/ml HcG

19 DPO: 

  80 - 400 mIU/ml HcG

22 DPO:   

160 - 800 mIU/ml HcG


Popular HPT's & HcG Sensitivity

WebWomb Midstream

10-15 mIU/ml HcG

Aim MidStream

20 mIU/ml HcG


20 mIU/ml HcG


25 mIU/ml HcG

One Step Be Sure 

25 mIU/ml HcG


Clear Blue Easy

50 mIU/ml HcG


50 mIU/ml HcG

First Response

50 mIU/ml HcG

Selfcare (Target)

50 mIU/ml HcG



100 mIU/ml HcG


100 mIU/ml HcG

Equate (WalMart)

100 mIU/ml HcG


100mIU/ml HcG

Q-Test (Walgreens)

100 mIU/ml HcG

Fact Plus

150 mIU/ml HcG