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MidStream One-step hCG Pregnancy Test 

5 Tests
$12.99 MidStream Pregnancy tests detect the pregnancy hormone at 10 - 15mIU/ml hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which is the among the most sensitive HPT tests available professionally and over the counter.  

No sample collection or urine handling necessary.  Early detection: Detects as early as 6 days from the moment of conception.  Easy to read results within Three (3) minutes.  99% accurate when used according to instructions.  Conforms with latest over-the-counter pharmacy brand technology and performance.  Low direct cost enables frequent testing for women seeking pregnancy. 

This MidStream Professional home pregnancy test is a fast, convenient, safe, proven method for determining pregnancy. The test can be quickly performed at any time pregnancy is suspected. Highly sensitive - can detect pregnancy as early as one week (6-8days) after the moment of conception.

How It Works 

Similar to most one-step at home hCG pregnancy tests, Professional HPT midstream pregnancy test utilizes a combination of monoclonal and polyclonal antibody reagents to selectively detect elevated levels of the hCG hormone in urine. The test device contains monoclonal hCG colored conjugate and polyclonal anti-hCG coated on a membrane test area.  By capillary action, the urine sample migrates over the test area and reacts with the impregnated reagents to form visible colored bands in the test window. The presence of hCG hormone in concentrations of 10 to 15mIU/ml or greater will result in the formation of a distinct colored band in the test area thus indicating a positive result for pregnancy. Conversely, if no line appears in the test area, the test is negative.

MidStream Technology: Instructions MidStream Professional home pregnancy test eliminates the need for urine sample collection and handling and therefore is preferred by many women for its ease of use and simplicity. Most OTC brands available in retail stores utilize the "midstream" method for these reasons.

Testing is done by removing the test from the sealed pouch, sliding down the protective shield from the capillary wick, and holding the wick directly in the urine stream for at least six seconds. The protective shield is then returned to its position over the wick and
the test device is placed on a flat surface. The automatic capillary action can then be observed as the test develops. Test results will appear in approximately one (1) to (3) minutes. Test results should not be interpreted after five (5) minutes. 

Shipping Information

Orders received Monday - Friday before 12:00 PM pacific standard time will be shipped the same day.  Orders received after 12:00 PM or on Saturday & Sunday will be shipped the next business day.  All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail and should arrive within 2 - 3 days (excluding Sundays or Postal observed Holidays).   Orders shipped USPS Global Priority Mail should arrive within 3 to 5 business days.  Any orders paid by check will not be shipped until we are notified by Paypal that the check has cleared. 

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BBT Chart & 3 HPT Tests
Web Womb's own unique designed basal body temperature chart that shows at a glance when you are most fertile.  Includes 10 BBT Charts, Instruction Booklet, Sample Charts & 3 Pregnancy Tests.

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